Birth Story Round Two: Carson Scott

Birth stories, to me, are incredibly personal, emotional, and raw experiences attempting to be captured in written word. Oh how words fail to do them justice! After each of my 6 wk postpartum checkups I vividly remember feeling a sense of loss. Yes, I had my babies - absolutely no amount of follow ups or … Continue reading Birth Story Round Two: Carson Scott


Boasting in Our Weaknesses

I wanted to hear from the moms behind the Facebook photos of happy children, that they too experience this level of difficulty, of failure, in doing "all the things" with their children. I needed to see my realities in their posts. I wanted someone to sit with me and go curse-word for curse-word, affirm me in my attack on myself, and on the world for hijacking my painstaking efforts.

The Postpartum Honeymoon

Do women, particularly those with active or recovered eating disorders, feel greater or less push to "get their bodies back" post pregnancy. Surprisingly, research and survey tell us, women w/ history of ED experience a "honeymoon phase" with their bodies postpartum. They are less inclined to stress over their bodies & immediately begin 'physique recovery' … Continue reading The Postpartum Honeymoon

Surprising Discoveries in 5 years as a Clinical Dietitian

This August, I celebrated 5 years employed as a clinical dietitian. Like the introspective, analytical person that I am, this anniversary has had me reflecting on why I became an RD, how it is different than I expected, and what I have learned in just 5 years. My decision to pursue a career in nutrition … Continue reading Surprising Discoveries in 5 years as a Clinical Dietitian

The Scale: Unruly Foe or Innocent Bystander

As humans, we weigh everything on a scale. A scale of 1-10. A scale of units of measurement. A scale of time, statistical relevance, effect or affect. A scale of pleasure/distaste. The list goes on. Yet none of these scales tend to be so tethered to our emotions as the scales we weigh our bodies … Continue reading The Scale: Unruly Foe or Innocent Bystander

We are ALL working moms (.)

I recently watched a short video clip on Facebook speaking to the struggles/challenges of being a "working mom." I felt encouraged that some of my personal struggles as a work-away mom, were accurately portrayed throughout the video. After watching, I dared to enter the toxic comments section. There were innumerable comments and rebuttals from work-at-home … Continue reading We are ALL working moms (.)

Finding a healthy YOU

We need to let go of the "proper nutrition" and "perfect body" ideals. We saturate our minds with fear mongering articles & documentaries that lead us to eliminate x, y, z from our nutritional intakes. We demonize foods/chemicals/ingredients and pass judgment on those still consuming them. We place our hope for a "healthier," skinnier, more … Continue reading Finding a healthy YOU