The Journey Begins

So…I have decided to start a blog (obviously). I’ll pause to roll my eyes w/ you because, YES I recognize there are 630,476,892,459,012 other moms/dietitians/foodies/etc. with Blogs, Instagram pages, Facebook’s. No, I am not re-inventing the wheel. Here is my WHY for jumping on the bloggers bandwagon:

  1. I am a working, pregnant mom. I work crazy hours, I wear A LOT of hats in my professional and personal life, time alone w/ my husband is a novelty, & I can barely remember what it feels like to have a thriving social life. On most days, I feel very, VERY isolated. My communication at home is with my (albeit very talkative & entertaining) toddler and my communication at work is with very sick or very sick and elderly people. For all the moms out there feeling that pang of isolation or loss of identity, social media often feels like the only outlet or engagement w/ people. Notably, my pregnant hormones are raging, I have a lot of feelings, and I need an outlet. A place to let personal and professional passions meet creativity. Ideally, I would love for it to lead to engagement w/ other humans, a place I can be of use to people. But if that does not come, I know I need a place for me to be ME.


  1. I am the lead registered dietitian (RD) of a 280-bed rehab + nursing facility. I also work PRN for an acute care hospital and an acute care rehab. I just started a new business venture w/ a partner. Professionally, I am stretched thin. I get lots…LOTS…LOOOTTTSSSSS of personal messages relating to diet advice, meal planning, clinical questions, etc. however have very limited time to answer each individually with the timeliness and level of attention I desperately WANT to. I need a place to refer people to; where I can collectively answer broad topics/questions as well as point to resources of benefit for each particular individual. I need to be able to put my phone down at 11 pm at night.


  1. I am living a life free from food and body image fears/anxieties/pre-occupations after a longgg, bumpy journey through dis-valuing my self-worth, body dysmorphia, disordered eating and exercise, and a history of “mean girls.” I share this confidently (despite a history of feeling nothing but shame regarding the topic), because I believe there is purpose in my struggle and experience. I would like to join hands with my colleagues; other amazing, influential RD’s; who’s passion is to speak life and truth and change, into even just one person living a life of food obsession, body dysmorphia, self-destructive behaviors, undervaluing themselves, listening to bullies, etc.


  1. I practice clinical nutrition in a small bubble of the Eastern Shore. Over 90% of my patients have diabetes and most have no idea what a carbohydrate is. The health literacy level is low. The closest thing we have to the fun-food products found at a Trader Joe’s is a small aisle of a local grocery store. I truly find joy in promoting health and wellness through food and physical activity in the multiple facilities I cater to. It is painstaking work and SO needed here. With all of that to say, I would like to feed my passion for areas of nutrition that I rarely get to speak to professionally, among the community I currently work with. I desire connection and integration with RD’s in other parts of the country, who are doing amazing work to promote evidence based nutrition as well as the profession itself.


THANK YOU if you stopped rolling your eyes long enough to read my soliloquy of taking action on my desire to start a blog. Topics/material/blog posts I plan to share here include: Pregnancy nutrition and exercise, Post-partum nutrition and exercise, Pediatric nutrition, Food intolerances/sensitivities, Meal planning, Recipes for adults and toddlers, Mom life, Lifestyle, Food freedom, Intuitive Eating, Body dysmorphia, Fad-diets (from non-diet approach), Clinical nutrition…and so on :).

Follow my page and look for updates if any of the above interests you…or if you just want to give me a virtual hug for creating a space, taking a leap of faith, amidst the crazy.



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