Welcome to freely nouRisheD!

Freely nouRisheD promotes a wholly nourished life for girls, women, and moms nutritionally, physically, emotionally, and mentally through nutrition, movement, acceptance, social interaction, engagement, and finding what health looks like for the individual; with freedoms from diets, body focus, societal expectations, stigmas, and judgement.

As a dietitian, mother, and woman experiencing recovery from a life filled with experiences with “mean girls,” body dysmorphia, striving to meet societal expectations, and all consuming eating disorders; I have created this space in the hopes of engaging, promoting, and encouraging others to find their freely nourished lives.

Being a young girl in the face of relational aggression & frenemies is HARD. Navigating self-love, acceptance, and body positivity is HARD. Overcoming anxieties over food, health, and how they impact our bodies is HARD. Being a mother is HARD. But, there IS hope and beauty in engaging and empowering other women, mentoring young girls, finding community, and experiencing freedom!



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